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Boisset Collection Offerings
Here are a few examples of wine tasting menus to choose from. I can also design a tasting specifically for your event.
Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Experience the difference between the different styles of sparkling wines.


Champagne and sparkling wines come in many different styles. An evening with bubbles is a fun evening with friends while learning what Champagne and wine is all about. 

Bottles of Wine
Wine of California
Experience the regions and grape varietals of California

California produces a wide array of wines from many different growing regions. We can put together a tasting event that enables you and your guests to gain an understanding of how soils and growing conditions affect the vines. 

Burgundy 2011 - 1495_edited.jpg
Wines of France
Gain expertise in the region considered the Holy Grail of wine.

France has long produced the finest wines in the world. They are often misunderstood in our market so we pass over them. Let Wine Siren show you and your friends the wonderful world of French wines.