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La Lama Winery - Wine as it should be.

I had an amazing opportunity to experience the Spirit of Chianti when I was welcomed to a very small winery in Chianti Classico, La Lama. It is owned by Giulio Campani and his wife Tizianna. Their daughter Sarah works with them. She is a level three Sommelier.

La Lama winery is also Guilio and Tizianna’s home. It sits atop a rolling hill with spectacular views. One can even see the towers of Sienna in the distance. La Lama produces three wonderful wines as well as olive oil and grappa from its rugged 5 acres.

They use only what nature gives them to produce the wines. The vines are hand harvested. The berries are gathered in baskets and crates that have been used for decades. They are placed in carts that still have wooden wheels and pulled up the hill to the winery by an old tractor circa 1942.

The grapes are whole cluster crushed. They do not use extravagant machines. There is no need for technological interventions. They use the wild yeasts from the grapes for fermentation. La Lama harnesses the heart of Chianti an makes wine the way it is meant to be.

Sottol’aia – La Lama’s Chianti Classico - DOCG

Sottol’aia translates to under the farmyard. This is where the grapes are grown.

This wine tastes like the region it hails from. It is beautiful and rugged at the same time. 100% Sangiovese with ample fruit and an agreeable manner about it.

Terzo Movimento – La Lama’s Chanti Classico Riserva - DOCG

Terzo Movimento represents the three stages of wine tasting, like musical notes from a glass

Produced in limited number and only in valuable vintages. Their Riserva is the best expression of the soils and life in Chianti Classico. It is aged until it is ready. Nothing is hurried here.

Caliptra – La Lama’s Super Tuscan – IGT Toscanna Rosso

Caliptra is the five-lobed capsule where the grape flower is held. This represents the soul of the grape.

A blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot that grows in the same vineyard as their Sangiovese. This wine is aged for three years in oak. Caliptra is powerful and elegant with beautiful fruit, spice and leather.

Tizianna and Sarah are warm and funny and exude the spirit of Chianti. The day before harvest they outfitted me with gloves, a hat, a basket and shears. Sarah took me into the vineyard and allowed me to “harvest” a few clusters. The taste of the Sangiovese berry I will not soon forget. I can still feel the pips on my tongue and taste the sweet pulp as it dissolved in my mouth. Those grapes are going to make beautiful wine.

Tizianna prepared a delicious lunch of fresh zucchini with their olive oil, porcini mushrooms on crustini and calamarata pasta with wild boar sausage ragu. (Wild boars are hunted throughout Chianti) All the food she prepared was raised or hunted, grown and made within a small distance from the winery if not on property. It was simple yet extraordinary – this, I learned is the Spirit of Chianti.

Cin Cin!

Lorelei Helmke CSW


La Lama will be adding to their production next year as Tizianna has recently purchased the adjoining property. This will add about 3 more acres of vines as well as space for a Bed and Breakfast.

Should you find yourself near Sienna, you can visit La Lama. www.az-agt-lalama.eu email azienda.lalama@hotmail.com.it

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